Ball Check Valves

Ball Check Valves are integral to pumping applications. The basic purpose of a check valve is to allow flow in one direction, preventing flow in the opposite direction. It needs to perform this function automatically and with little maintenance. The head loss – or pressure drop – across valves is also an important factor to consider. Ball check valves use a free moving ball which unseats to allow flow in one direction but will seal against a seat to prevent backflow.

As a result, our ball check valves offer great, operational, reliability thanks to their construction and working principle. They are composed of three components: the body, the cover and the ball. The ball itself is the only moving part, making this a low maintenance, clog-free valve. Thanks to these minimal parts there is no place for stringy material to wrap around or sediment to collect in pockets. The large prot design further prevents clogging.

The ball part of the Maxicheck ball check valves has a metal core and comes in a variety of coatings, as well as ball elastomers, to suit even the most extreme applications. It has a high load bearing capability and low compression set. Valves can be installed both horizontally and vertically. Maxicheck ball check valves are silent and non-slam, reducing pipe hammer. They can easily be split to clean or replace the ball.

To prevent excessive wear and deterioration, the ball rotates and seats on a different portion of the surface each time. This also ensures a long, useful life without expensive maintenance and down time. Further, the ball is only slightly heavier than the media, this means the energy needed to move the ball to a fully open position is small compared to the energy necessary to lift a clapper, lever, weight as well as the bearing and packing friction of a traditional swing check valve. Maxicheck ball check valves, as a result, have less head loss/pressure drop.

Common applications for the Maxicheck ball check valves are:

  • Mine dewatering
  • Chemical
  • Power generation return ash water
  • Pulp and paper
  • Mineral processing
  • Environmental and effluent

For more information on our range of Maxicheck ball check valves, please visit our Products Page.