MAXI Check H – High Pressure Ball Check Valves

Seated Metal High Pressure Ball Check Valves

MAXI‐Check H – High Pressure Ball Check Valves valves are designed specifically for slurry, ash disposal, and mine de‐watering applications. The robust construction ensures years of continuous and reliable use.

The ball is manufactured from Silica Bronze or Stainless steel. As a result, it is able to withstand the mechanical forces exerted due to the high pressures in the systems where it is used. As the media flows through the valve, the ball lifts off the seat/seal arrangement and rolls or rotates as a result of the media moving through the valve. When the flow stops the ball falls into the seat/seal arrangement and prevents any back flow.

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  • Simple construction allows for ease  of maintenance
  • Suitable for horizontal or vertical operation
  • Available in Carbon, stainless or duplex steels
  • Pressure ratings ANSI150 to ANSI900. 20 to 150 Bar
  • Very low slam (water hammer) characteristics
  • Full bore design, with very low pressure losses K=0.9
  • Ball continuously moves hence does not  have scale build up
  • Flanged DIN, ANSI, Table  H or J as  requested
  • Optional internal lining in Natural Rubber, EPDM NBR or Urethane on request
  • Optional flush point in body
  • High wear primary seal allows drip tight sealing under all conditions
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Design Standard:
    • ASME B16.34‐2009
    • ASME B31.3‐2002
    • AS4037‐1999
  • Finish is abrasive clean to 2.5 and painted with Interzone 954 2 part epoxy
  • Replaceable ball, seat and primary seal
  • Stainless steel manufacturers label
  • Lifting lug for ease of installation
  • High tensile galvanised fasteners, stainless steel on request


  • Mine dewatering or tailings
  • Chemical and soda ash
  • Power Generation ash disposal
  • Pulp and paper
  • Sand and mineral processing
  • Environmental and Effluent


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