MAXI Check L – Low Pressure Ball Check Valve

Maxi Check Low Pressure Ball Check Valve

The basic purpose of a Low Pressure Ball Check Valve is to permit flow in one direction, prevent flow in the opposite direction and perform this function automatically and with minimum maintenance.

As such, the large port design of the Maxi Check L Low Pressure Ball Check Valve prevents clogging. The urethane coated ball is free to move and rotate with the media as it flows through the valve. continuous movement prevents scale build up on the ball, and within the ball bonnet. This is inspected through the bonnet blanking flange. The seat is integral to the one piece body. Low Pressure ball check valves offer great reliability due to their construction and working principle. Its construction consists of just three components namely the body, the cover and the ball.

Maxi Check L – Low Pressure Ball Check Valve offers pump protection and non return on dewatering pump sets, tailings lines and cyclone feed pumps.

The Low Pressure Ball Check Valves are fabricated allows flexibility of manufacture to suit clients requirements. Standard face to face measurements are according to AS4794‐2001 paragraph 3.2.2 FIG. 3.1 or DIN 3202‐F6.

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  • Simple construction allows for ease of maintenance
  • Suitable for horizontal or vertical operation
  • Very low slam (water hammer) characteristics
  • Low friction loss, pressure drop
  • Ball has a aluminium core and is urethane coated
  • SG of ball to suit media
  • Body available in carbon steel, stainless steel or duplex stainless steel
  • Continuous work pressure up to 30bar
  • Finish is abrasive clean to 2.5 and painted with Interzone 954 2 part epoxy
  • Standard internal lining in natural Rubber, EPDM or Urethane on request
  • Optional drain/flush point in body
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Flanged either Table D or E, PN10, PN16 (EN or AS) or ANSI150
  • Cast version also available


  • Mine dewatering
  • Chemical
  • Power Generation return ash water
  • MAXI-Check L Ball Check Valve
  • Pulp and paper
  • Mineral processing
  • Environmental and Effluent


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